Refining Graces Programs

I. Fellowship

Captains: Caroline Deppe, Gaye Patterson

Stampin’ Fun: Donna Fasick

Ladies’ Fit Club Anneleise Stotts

II. Ministry

Captains:  individual for each ministry

Baby & Bridal Showers:  Geri DeGood

Nursery:  Sara Corson

Children’s Worship:  Sara Ramey

Church Fellowships:  Sue Ringleka

Heart to Home:  Mandy Wynsma - Meals for sickness, funerals, etc.
Annelise Stotts- Meals for new moms

Food Pantry:  Anneliese Stotts, Nina Wiersma, Becky Kooiman - A source stocked to help our church family

See-A-Need/Meet-A-Need:  Jane Anderson - If you have an item that might meet someone’s need, or if you have a need for an item, get a card from Becki, fill it out, and she will post it on the bulletin board.

Card Ministry Jane Anderson

VBS:  Anneleise Stotts

Website Pages:  Jane Anderson

Random Acts of Kindness:  Marcia Thompson

Moms in Prayer Kim Boonstra

Moms of Young Children:  Teresa Petersen, Sarah Ramey

Ladies’ Ministries Bulletin Board: Teresa Petersen

III. Outreach

Captains: Geri DeGood, Deb Engleter, Teresa SanRoman

Nursing Homes/Assisted Living

Baptist Children’s Home

Thornapple-Kellogg Schools

Military: Rojean Sprague

ESL:  Robin Laansma, Mirna Laxton

IV. Teaching

Captain: Karen Snyder

Ladies’ Bible Study: Kim Boostra, Tonya Delnay

Discipleship / Mentoring: Jane Anderson,
Kim Boonstra, Linda Bennett, Phyllis Essex, Tonya Delnay

Mentoring Workshops Marcia Thompson